The Original Rocking Horse Works (Oxfordshire)

Large Antique Replica on Bows

Rocking Horse Works

Large Antique Replica rocking horse on bow rockers. "Jessica" - this beautiful, large, Dapple Grey rocking horse is specially hand-painted and distressed to create an antique look. This large horse is suitable for larger children and adults.


Small Antique Replica on Bows

Rocking Horse Works

This beautiful little horse is a perfect example of a Victorian nursey steed. Skilful artisitry, combined with our usual rigorous standards of construction produce a horse which looks as if it has just emerged from Great Granny's attic, but will last for many childhoods to come.

This particular horse is small sized 41 inch, but is also available in medium, large and extra large as above. This horse features fine muscle carving, traditional dappling with special antique effect, white hair, antique brown leather tack and mounted on green distressed bow rockers.


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